Beyoncé and the Black Girl Renaissance

Bey, as we celebrate your 42nd birthday on Sept. 4, we thank you for reflecting our passions, possibilities and brilliance in your multifaceted music.

When we arrived at MetLife Stadium about 30 minutes outside of New York City, we saw die-hard fans decked out in silver sequined cowboy hats, fringed tops and bottoms, booty shorts and cowboy boots. People-watching in the parking lot was half the fun! With styling assistance from her daughter, my friend Cindy wore a sheer metallic top over a black tank, jeans and silver hoop earrings. I went with ’90s-style parachute pants, wedge gladiator sandals and a huge pair of hoop earrings accented with pearls. The youngest member of our multigenerational girl squad showed us up with her bedazzled black cowboy hat, denim overalls shorts, a black midriff top and a thrifted pair of black cowboy boots.

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