by Michael P Coleman

I was glad when they said unto me “Let us go unto Black Bear Diner.” 

Black Bear Diner is a cozy, family-oriented restaurant that has opened several new locations over the years.  One of them’s near my daughter’s home in Citrus Heights, so I checked it out yesterday.  Another is across the street from Arden Mall in Sacramento, so I checked it out this morning. 

That’s right: Black Bear Diner is now the first and only restaurant I have eaten at on two consecutive days.  The reason for that?  I couldn’t decide yesterday whether my 12:30pm meal should consist of breakfast or lunch, and both menus are huge, comprehensive, and completely compelling.  They called to me. 

Well, the BBQ bacon cheeseburger called, and I answered.  And I was glad.  It is incredible.  And huge.  And I wish I could say I couldn’t eat the whole thing.  But I did.  The whole. Thing.   But that meant I didn’t get to experience the breakfast fare, and I longed for a bite of the biscuits on the plates at the adjacent table. 

So what’s a true investigative journalist to do?  I went back this morning, to the new location across from Arden.  Oh, yes I did.  And I got that biscuit.  And a scrumptious omelette with the works.  I swapped out the onion for bell pepper, and all of it was wrapped up in gooey, piping hot cheddar cheese. 

And I was glad. 

Prices are moderate, and the place is very family friendly.  To quote our former governor, I’ll be back.  

Information on all of Black Bear Diner’s locations is at

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