Photo by Coral Murphy-Marcos / USA Today
Photo by Coral Murphy-Marcos / USA Today

By now you’ve probably seen the T-shirts and face masks bearing George Floyd’s name and image. But have you seen the “Justice For George Floyd’’ running shoes?

Or how about the “Call for Justice for George Floyd’’ throw pillow?

Or the “George Floyd R.I.P.” underwear?

Yes, underwear, $18 for three pair.

The death of Floyd, an African American man who was suffocated under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, has done more than set off protests and soul searching across the United States. It also has triggered the selling of an array of merchandise, much of it listed on Amazon.

“Clearly opportunists,’’ said James Thomson, an adviser for brands selling online. “All these people selling T-shirts, they’re basically along for the ride, making money on it.

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