Photo via Fox News video screenshot
Photo via Fox News video screenshot

CNN commentator Van Jones warned Democrats that the ongoing focus of the unrest that has taken place in cities across the country will aid President Trump’s reelection victory.

The 2020 presidential campaign has had a heightened focus on the violence that has plagued some cities, particularly following the riots that took place in Kenosha of the swing state Wisconsin. Joe Biden has been more vocal in condemning the violence after Democrats were criticized for not addressing the growing concerns among voters during their Democratic National Convention earlier this month.

Jones insisted on Wednesday that the subject helps President Trump.

“The longer we talk about violence and unrest and how he’s handling it or not handling it, it all advantages Trump,” Jones began. “In other words, this campaign is going well for Donald Trump because we’re not talking about the economic devastation that people are experiencing or the virus really. And I think it’s time for us to recognize– we are in a very perilous situation if you want to see a change in November.”

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