The main etiquette rule to follow when entertaining guests from different cultural backgrounds is to research their customs and have a broad understanding of their cultures. By researching cultural practices, this helps ensure that nothing is done to offend your guests.  Talking to others from that same country, the library and internet are all beneficial resources to use for broadening your knowledge.

Remember to be mindful of food restrictions during the preparation and planning stages.  Inquiring of your guests preferences is acceptable.  Statements as simple as “do you have any dietary restrictions, dislikes or preferences that I should be aware of,” can assist in making appropriate meal choices.

Another option to consider while planning your meal is to incorporate a side dish or beverage from your guests’ country of origin.  Rice is a universal dish enjoyed by many and tea or wine after dinner would be welcomed by most.  For those friends with repeated visits, you can invite them to prepare one of their authentic dishes or meals.  >>read more

Source: – written by Tina Hayes who is the founder and owner of The School of Etiquette and Decorum in Northern California (Antioch)


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