Screenshot courtesy of NBC News | The Villa Rica Police Department in Georgia is facing intense backlash after it hosted a handgun class over the weekend with a target that depicts a Black man in a beanie pointing a gun. Villa Rica Police Dept. via WXIA

Georgia police department under investigation for using photo of a Black man for target practice

Villa Rica’s chief of police, Michael Mansour, said the targets with Black men are used all over the state for training and that during the class the department also used other targets depicting individuals who were white and Asian. The officer who posted the photos, who Mansour declined to identify, mistakenly posted photos of only the Black targets that were used.

“It’s just an innocent mistake, but it was a mistake,” Mansour told NBC News. “And I’m very transparent in saying that we messed up. But at no time will I accept people telling me I’m a racist, or our department is a racist because we made a mistake.”

NBC News has reviewed photos of targets with images of white people that Mansour says were used during the class.



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