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Gospel Singer Ashlie Marie Releases Debut Album

Ashlie Marie’s mother was a singer but she began singing publicly at the age of eight years old at People’s Community Apostolic Church in Inkster, Michigan, where she was born and raised.

She couldn’t have gotten away from music if she had tried, coming from a musically inclined family, which means that everyone in the family either sang or played an instrument. Being the oldest of five children and being church kids, they grew up on a church pew. It is almost as though music has always been her reality and she has always had to kind of find a way to live in regular everyday life. Her imagination has over shadowed her reality so she had to learn how to co-exist. Ashlie wasn’t in the choir or played an instrument in high school or anything.

She was apart of the choir in music class in elementary school but music came to life for her when she was about three years old. She remembers being obsessed with the Clark Sister’s song “You Brought The Sun Shine”. Music has always been apart of her DNA, coming from a family where her mother sang, her dad played the piano and her brothers played piano, drums, and saxophone. Her sisters sang, she sang and her brothers sang so it was kind of a way of life for the entire family.

In this interview with the GR Times, Ashie discusses gospel influences, her background and her new album.

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