By Michael P Coleman

I’m late to the Creed game, having seen the 2015 original just last week.

Hell, as long as I’m confessing sins, I’m late to the Michael B Jordan game.  I didn’t know who he was until Black Panther.  I’m very glad that that’s been corrected.  Jordan is a brilliant actor, and Creed II is even better than the original. 

In addition to being the second in a franchise centered around the son of Apollo Creed, one of the central characters in the original Rocky films, Creed II is also a direct sequel to 1985’s Rocky IV.

Like the very best of the Rocky movies, Creed II positions its title character, Adonis Creed, preparing for the fight of his life.  Jordan’s portrayal is nothing short of Oscar worthy.  If for no other scene, Jordan earned the Oscar nod for a scene in which Creed and Rocky reach an impasse. I SO want to tell you about it, but I promised a spoiler-free review! 

All of the original gang from the first Creed are back with performances that, if anything, are even stronger.  Particularly impressive is the underrated Phylicia Rashad as Adonis’ mother, Tessa Thompson as his girlfriend, and Sylvester Stallone, once again playing the silver screen’s favorite boxer. 

But if Jordan keeps it up with these Creed films, he’ll snatch that title away from Sly.  Jordan has created an empathetic character who we love in spite of his flaws.  We wind up taking every punch with him.  When that original Rocky score swells, you’ll want to jump to your feet.  And, again, like the best of the Rocky films, it doesn’t matter whether Adonis wins or loses.  We just want him to take the shots he has to take, get back up, and keep swinging. 

Kinda like Jordan has done with his career.  Fantastic Four is in the rear view mirror, and Jordan is the new Denzel. 

Yes, I said it. 

Creed II is in theaters everywhere.


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