34 years after its initial discovery in 1983, HIV/AIDS continues to be one of the most pressing issues of our time. Though the U.S. has seen a significant decline in new HIV infections since 2012–and death from AIDS globally has decreased by 50 percent since 2005–according to the World Health Organization, 36 million people are still living with AIDS worldwide.

Teen and young adults between the ages of 13 and 24 account for just over one in five HIV diagnoses and over 80% of these cases occur in gay or bisexual males–half being African American. However, organizations like Johnson & Johnson are revolutionizing preventive methods and working tirelessly to end the global pandemic.

Over the last 25 years, Johnson & Johnson has developed six HIV medicines and most recently announced their investigational efforts behind an HIV vaccine, which prevents HIV from ever being contracted. This, of course, is a major lead way in the elimination of the virus for future generations, setting us up to #MakeHIVHistory.

Johnson & Johnson kicked off its latest Make HIV History campaign at the Global Citizen Festival and has since collected video submissions from people all over the country to break stigmas, debunk common myths and educate the public in an effort to actualize a world that is HIV/AIDS-free.

Longtime activist Kelly Rowland partnered with J&J to further promote awareness and encourage the public to get informed. EBONY chatted with the R&B starlet about using her platform, living judgment-free and knowing your status.

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