Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press
Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway doesn’t think Martin Luther King Jr. would support impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump. 

Conway told NBC News on Monday that MLK Jr. had a different hope for Americans than what is happening to Trump via the impeachment. 

“I don’t think it was within Dr. King’s vision to have Americans dragged through a process where the president is not going to be removed from office, is not being charged with bribery, extortion, high crimes or misdemeanors,” she said. “And I think that anybody who cares about ‘and justice for all’ on today or any day of the year will appreciate the fact that the president now will have a full-throttle defense on the facts, and everybody should have that.” 

Conway was responding to the question about what Trump was doing to observe Monday’s holiday.  

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