At 11:30am today, Wednesday, October 31, Mayor Kevin Johnson will be joined by the local restaurant and farming communities at Cesar Chavez Park Farmer’s Market to officially proclaim Sacramento as the “Farm-to-Fork Capital of America,” according to an official press release.

The announcement is part of a regional effort to foster community pride, celebrate regional farming, and to create further demand for the region as a culinary tourism destination.

Sacramento is reportedly positioned to claim this identity because no major city in America is more centrally located amid such a diverse range of agriculture, high-quality farms, ranches and vineyards.

According to the release, Sacramento is the capital city to the largest producing state of agriculture in the nation and, locally, 70 percent of the region’s land is agricultural, forest or other open space.  Additionally, the region contains 7,000 to 8,000 acres of boutique farms and provides numerous public sales platforms at more than 50 regional farmers markets, many of which are year-round fixtures. 

On the heels on this proclamation will be an announcement from the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau that Sacramento will host a culinary week in the fall of 2013. The week-long celebration will include events at local farms, at restaurants across the region, and will be anchored by a major festival on Capitol Mall.


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