Music, an artform of expression full of melodies, rhythm and harmony which can bring forth peace, unity and healing. Mikal Brown, owner of BYB Scene (Be Your Business) has understood the importance and influence music has in the world, most importantly to young people. “Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school and high school music students have been shown to hold higher grade point averages than non-musicians in the same school”, Mikal expressed. With this truth, she has teamed up with Legendary Female Rapper, YoYo (Yolanda Whittaker) and community businesses to host, “Music Comes 1st-Episode 1: The Evolution of Hip-Hop” on Friday, December 21st at the California Auto Museum, 2200 Front Street in Sacramento. The event will include live film recording, music panel discussion and guests performances by Century Got Bars, DJ Epik and much more. “Embrace your musical history…don’t ignore it”, says Mikal, noticing that the younger generation in the music industry, doesn’t show the proper respect to those who’ve paved the way. “Music Comes 1st” will offer local talent, underground artist, music enthusiast and local entrepreneurs a place to showcase their talent on a larger platform. Accompanied with this quarterly event, proceeds will be donated to youth music programs in the area for ages 7-17, to keep music and performing arts alive in schools.
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Submitted by Contributing Staff Writer, Mogul Mioshi


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