The DZ, short for the Dream Zone is a new teen empowerment center scheduled to open with a ribbon cutting on Sunday, September 7th at Unity of Sacramento at 1:30 pm. Unity is located at 9249 Folsom Blvd.

The brainchild of Kevin Kitrell Ross, leader of Unity of Sacramento, President of Teen Dream Camp and Senior Fellow of the Mountain Valley Chapter of The American Leadership Forum, Ross says, “It’s time to send our kids back to school with something more than new clothes, we’ve got to give them a new outlook on life.”

“The Dream Zone is where dreams and born and where dreamers shine,” said Rev. Ross. “It is a dream incubator, a leadership lab, and a space to heal, chill, and grow!”

The DZ provides a space for teen boys and girls to express themselves in a positive and productive way.  Unity is especially interested in attracting young boys to the Dream Zone. Nationally and in communities throughout California, including Sacramento, public and elected officials along with community and faith leaders are focused on improving opportunities for boys and men of color. “The Dream Zone is especially committed to ensuring that the lives of boys and young men of color are valued and that they have an opportunity to pursue their boldest dreams in a space where they know we are our brother’s keeper,” said Rev. Ross.

The DZ is tailored to the ways that teens like to socialize and spend their free time.  The DZ has all the high tech computer equipment and entertainment systems that are commonly enjoyed by young people. There is an internet café with free internet access and Wi-Fi.

For recreation and friendly competition, youth can play air hockey, pool or play video games. Teens can lounge and watch movies on a drop screen movie projector with surround sound. There is also a customized spoken word poetry and karaoke stage for youth who want to express their creativity in these ways.

The DZ Grand Opening will include a backpack give away led by community leader Rosalyn Van Buren.  The first 200 kids will receive a backpack full of supplies. Additionally, there will be a youth and family community open house including tours of the center, and opportunities for youth and families to register for DZ membership as well as to sign up for a variety of free or low cost youth programs and services.

“Great things happen when we come together,” said Van Buren. ” I offer a special thank you to East Sacramento Kiwanis, Our Kids Community Breakfast Club and Tina Bergstrom of Valley Health. Your contribution will ensure every child will be prepared for school,” she added.

The DZ is a great place for teens 13-19 years old to hang out after school to do homework or just gather with friends and listen to music, watch a movie, or play games. Parents can relax and feel at ease knowing their children are in a safe and supervised environment with adults who are dedicated to their children’s well-being. Programming for the Dream Zone will be finalized in October.

The DZ is just one of the first of many new programs and services that Unity of Sacramento is bringing to the community this year. The church facility is being remodeled to bring to fruition Rev. Ross’ vision to create a campus of services for individuals and families in the communities along Folsom Blvd from Power Inn to Bradshaw. Unity already has launched a farmers market, a dance studio and a community movie night.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Unity hosts a Farmer’s Market featuring healthy produce and musical entertainment in the parking lot. EBT is accepted and all are welcome. Unity started the Farmer’s Market because the area around the church has few groceries stores.

Dance Studio

Prima Ballerina Na Talia Johnson is the new dance instructor at Unity of Sacramento in the new dance studio. All are welcomed to attend a rehearsal to inquire about the next registration or performance. Rehearsals are every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6pm-7pm.  NaTalia and business partner, Kandice Kelly also coordinate a youth outreach program aimed at building self-esteem in girls and young ladies.

Movie Night

The last Friday night of every month is movie night at Unity of Sacramento. For $5 individuals can watch family-friendly movies with popcorn and other snacks.

Other programs and services housed or planned for Unity of Sacramento include:

*  Area Congregations Together

*  The Relationship Skills Center

*  Blessings in a Backpack

*  Boy & Girl Scout troops

*  Healing Center (Nov 2014) offering alternative healing practioners who focus on holistic approaches to wellness.


About Unity of Sacramento

Unity of Sacramento is a nondenominational ministry providing practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives. Unity is a positive path for spiritual living. We teach the effective daily application of the principles of Truth taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ. We address physical, mental and emotional needs through affirmative prayer and spiritual education. We serve those who seek inspiration and prayer support as well as those who use Unity teachings as their primary path of spiritual growth.






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