PHOTO: Playground arson at Caroline Wenzel Elementary School. Courtesy

The Sacramento Unified Education Foundation — SCUSD’s official nonprofit organization — recently kicked off fundraising for two arson-damaged playgrounds at Caroline Wenzel and John Sloat Elementary Schools.

So far the group has received $4,000 in donations and pledges, including $1,000 from City Councilman Steve Cohn on behalf of Rebuild McKinley, $1,000 from sCUSD Board of Education Vice President Darrell Woo, $1,000 from City Councilwman Bonnie Pannell, and $1,000 from Caroline Wenzel’s PTA.

The district’s insurance deductible is $25,000 for each playground that was damaged and without donations, that $50,000 will come out of the general fund budget, further hampering the district’s work to rebound from recessionary budget cuts.

Community members can donate to the Sacramento Unified Education Foundation through their Facebook page.


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