swimtimeWith temperatures set to reach triple digits this weekend, it’s important to know how to stay cool when it’s so darn hot! El Dorado County health officials have some tips on how to stay healthy when it’s toasty outside.

Drink plenty of fluids, such as water and low-calories sports drinks, to replace salts and minerals lost through sweating.

Stay indoors in an air conditioned building. If your home does not have sufficient air conditioning, visit a friend, relative or other location in the community, including libraries, grocery stores or shopping centers, where air conditioning is working.

Pace yourself and avoid heavy exertion in the heat.

Never leave a child, elderly person or animal in a parked vehicle, even for a few minutes. Temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes.

Check on neighbors, relative and friends, particularly those who may be isolated.

For additional hot weather safety tips, visit www.edcgov.us/publichealth.


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