THE HUB’s News Correspondents, Neketia Brown and Mioshi Jackson were on the scene Thursday, October 25th at The Guild Theatre and conducted exclusive video interviews with BET Producer, Mike Marangu of “SECOND COMING?: WILL BLACK AMERICA DECIDE THE 2012 ELECTION?” and the Founders/Creators of the 916 Hollywood Initiative, Craig and Cory Jackson.  In photo: News Correspondent-Mioshi Jackson, BET Producer-Mike Marangu, and Founder of Robertson. The major purpose of this B.E.T. News Special – 2-part news documentary is to ignite patriotism, voting and public policy awareness for regional and national elections.  Check out THE HUB’s exclusive video interviews posted at
BET News together with Academy Award nominee filmmaker Sam Pollard (“Slavery By Another Name” and “Eyes On The Prize II”) and the producers of the Sundance original series, “Brick City”, Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, produced the two-part news documentary, “SECOND COMING?: WILL BLACK AMERICA DECIDE THE 2012 ELECTION?” that follows a diverse constellation of agents of political change and activism through the 2012 election cycle.  Obama surrogate Kerry Washington, Usher, Samuel L. Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Eve, Ice Cube, Yolanda Adams, pollster Cornell Belcher, Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, The RZA, Redman, Cam’ron, Bun B, Joyful Drake, the young activists behind “Barack The Vote,” grassroots activists in battleground states and others will take viewers behind the scenes of their effort to mobilize the black community to vote in another historic Presidential election.
THE HUB’s News Correspondent, Neketia Brown posted noted several comments regarding the viewing of the documentary on her Facebook page that included:
  • “There are over 5 million African Americans who are eligible to vote but are not registered.”
  • “30 states have passed laws that make it more difficult for many to vote.”
  • “A former military veteran received a few traffic tickets while serving our country and is now ineligible to vote due to recent voter suppression laws.”
  • “Mitt Romney’s net worth is over 250 million dollars and refuses to release last 2 yrs of tax history.”
  • “I used to think that if I became rich, if I became famous then I would be happy….boy was I right.” ~Mitt Romney
  • “African Americans have more student loan debt than credit card debt.”
THE HUB’s Videographer, James Gilbert, stated on Facebook: “Everybody make sure you watch B.E.T tonight (Thurs-10/26/12) at 6 pm or 9 pm (check your B.E.T. programming) election it’s deep. I saw the premier last night at an exclusive B.E.T viewing event and if you lack knowledge of what’s really goin’ on today in Black America I suggest you tune in!!! And make sure you VOTE. I never took the effort to care, but now we live in a time where as individuals we need to seek knowledge for our selves and educate our own kids because they need to know that a career and education will get you by in life NOT the streets!!! Barack Obama is the President not God, as people we need to make a change in our communities and our selves to see a difference as a nation. Team work to make a dream work!”
Founder of and Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine, stated: “We have to be actively engaged in the political power of voting…go to the polls and VOTE on Nov 6th!!!!”
CLICK HERE to see photos from the viewing event posted on the Facebook Fan page of Sac Cultural Hub.
This production was presented by 916 Hollywood Initiative, Global Synergy Inc, and B.E.T News. To see more about the 916 Hollywood Initiative visit


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