By Michael P Coleman

One of the California State Fair’s best-kept secrets is coming to an end Thursday, July 27 at 4pm.   During Taste of the Fair, most food vendors are offering one $2 menu item.  They’ve been offering them each Wednesday and Thursday since the fair opened. 

What else do you need to know?  If — when! — you go, stop by the Grinder booth and partake of the $2 sweet pork slider.  They should call it a Sweet Jesus Pork Slider — you’ll get more than one. 

Do you remember the incredible corn I told you about last week?  There’s a $2 version.  Funnel cakes, Dole Whip…all are available in affordable, $2 entrees. 

But go today, and take the family.  The 2017 Taste of the Fair ends at 4pm, a few days before the overall Fair wraps on Sunday, July 30th.

You’re welcome.   

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