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World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Over 43 Million people have died from AIDS in the past twenty years. It is reported that nearly 30 million are currently infected with AIDS/HIV. Over 1 million lost their life last year alone. What is most scary is that women account for nearly 55% of all AIDS/HIV cases. 40% of all cases are African American, followed by Caucasians with 30%, and Latinos, with 26%.

Many advances have been made in the treatment and prevention of AIDS/HIV. Yet, we still have a way to go before we can truly say that we have nailed down a solution to this epidemic that has, and is continuing to destroy so many lives.

The face of AIDS has changed over the past twenty-five years. Once thought as a “gay-man’s” disease, AIDS has claimed the most innocent of victims—babies. AIDS/HIV has no particular face or gender, race or nationality. Whether you are an Executive, doctor, garbage man, student, soccer-mom, or a toddler born to drug addicted parents—AIDS/HIV does not discriminate. And neither should we.

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