Hello Hub Fans and Newcomers who just found out about Saccullturalhub.com.  You should subscribe to THE HUB Magazine publication if you haven’t already.  It’s the only and newest Black America magazine catering to the specific catering entertainment needs of the African American residents living in Sacramento.  The latest publication, May/June 2008 issue is loaded with interesting articles and thrilling events coming to Sacramento for the entire family-definitely worth placing in your library archives.  THE HUB Magazine is your documented landscape of things to do and places to go for your adult friends and your children in the greater Sacramento Valley region.

Have you ever took the time to really browse the Sacculturalhub.com website as we publish the best of photos from events that you missed and you can get to know so many of the beautiful people with photos of them posted in Sac Hub’s photo gallery.  Last summer I (Pleshette) went on a caravan trip with my family to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and we posted these photos so everyone could see the best times we had.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our graduates of kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and specialized vocational training schools.  We salute you and wish you the best in your career endeavors as knowledge is power and attaining valuable job skills are the keys to success.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the men who are parents!

Last but not least, let’s remember to ROCK THE VOTE this year.  It’s a presidential election year in case you didn’t know and it’s all about power in numbers–so get out there and exercise your power to vote!  June 3 is the Statewide Primary Election in California and November 4 is the National Presidential Election.  Bookmark www.smartvoter.org and www.rockthevote.com for each to read info about this year’s election.

STAY UPDATED with receiving THE HUB’s “Urban Weekly” e-magazine so that you receive breaking news of special events, concerts, parties, movie premieres, conferences, comedy shows and more taking place in Sacramento and beyond.

To request the May/June 2008 issue of THE HUB Magazine, e-mail contact@sacculturalhub.com or call 1-866-572-2482.  You can also pick up the current issue at various locations in Sacramento.

True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson, Chief Editor

CEO & Founder-Sacculturalhub.com

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