We absolutely love this summer outfit! From the boyfriend oversized long sleeve to the beautiful braids! The jewelry is loud yet bold but doesn’t look like she’s trying to hard.   
Bottoms- Rip’d Denim: “The Purple Project!”
Accessories- Forever 21 for rings & things…

Cost of shorts: $30
Cost of Jewelry: $10 
Photo Credit: Instagram @Ripd.denim

DIY Denim Shorts: Go to any local thrift store, buy oversized Levi’s (color of choice.) First try denim on. Measure then cut your denim pants into shorts. Don’t forget to WASH the shorts after to get the full distressed effect! 

Cost of pants: $10 
White boyfriend work shirt you can find just about anywhere (thrift store, goodwill, etc…) or even free from your father or husbands closet. 

Cost of shirt: $5
Photo credit: http://www.khols.com
 White peak-a-boo lingerie top from Forever 21.

Cost of top: $12 

Open toe Steve Madden heels. If your looking for an even deal try thrift stores like Crossroads & Out of the Closet. 

Cost of heels: $29.99

Photo Credit: Www.Stevemadden.com 


     Look trendy… All Summer 16′

Photo Credit: Instagram @ripd.denim 

Model: Carina Benzinger
Fashion Stylist/ Makeup by: Stephanie Cherry 
More fashion tips from Stephanie Cherry at: https://www.instagram.com/cherrystephanie



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