Demesha, who is a parent educator, and Marjahni Jackson, who is an electrician, have been married 3 years. They have a 2-year-old son, Noah Landon, and a new baby on the way. Demesha shares with us the joys of motherhood and her family.
What “Loving Brown Babies*” means to mom Demesha: “It means it’s time to focus on our future leader, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers… Our Brown Babies. It’s time to love on our Brown Babies more than ever! It’s time to keep them alive and safe. It’s time to break this cycle of the disproportionate rate of Africa American child deaths in our community. It’s time to show our Brown Babies we care, they are loves, and we will advocate for them.” 
Raising a black son can be challenging, especially in our society that appears to prey on our black men/boys. Being a good disciplinarian is one solution, Demesha believes. “Discipline is NEVER fun. But we know that it’s our job as parents to teach our children right from wrong. In addition, it is important to be nurturing, selfless, loving, understanding, and patient.” The most important factor in their personal life as well as in their family environment is the Lord Jesus Christ. The hopes and goals that Demesha and Marjahni have for their children are that they grow up to be strong, kind, independent, proud, Christian individuals. 

*The Loving Brown Baby Social Media Campaign is a part of the efforts led by the Steering Committee on Reduction for African American Child Deaths (RAACD) – Black Child Legacy Campaign. The aim of the RAACD is to reduce African American child deaths in the greater Sacramento region by addressing four critical issue areas for black mothers, fathers, and communities 1) Homicide Related to Child Abuse and Neglect; 2) Third Party Homicide; 3) Deaths Related to Perinatal Conditions; and 4) Infant Sleep Related Deaths. The RAACD is funded by the County of Sacramento, City of Sacramento and First 5 Sacramento, and is managed by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation.  

The LBB campaign is produced and managed by the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation which is focused on highlighting and engaging families around the pleasures of family, babies, motherhood, fatherhood, and communities raising African American children.   For questions about LBB contact call (916) 234-3589 or e-mail

Contributed by Chief Editor, Pleshette Robertson

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