A special message for Veterans from Acting Chair Chef Basil

My fellow California Veterans,
TRANSPARENCY and no “behind the doors” is what I believe.
I have gone from being a Former Homeless Army Veteran, Incarcerated for 13 Months, Mental Sickness Recovered, 2018 Gold Medal ACF Chef National Humanitarian Presidential Winner Award, Community Championship Award, Helped Provided food for over 3 Million people in a Disaster with ACF National Chefs across the country during the 2017 Houston Hurrican Flood, Fed the entire Earthquake Town of Trona Thanksgiving Dinner 2019, Community ACF & Chefs efforted to donate over 1.5 million bottles of water 2018, and 2019 Summer Water Program, and this year, Community Service Award 2020 to now being the Acting Chair of the California Democratic Party Veteran Caucus, I am humbled to have this opportunity.
I would like to thank everyone for their support and vote in making me the new First Vice-Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Veterans Caucus and now Acting Chair.  I am truly humbled by your support.  As I said in my nomination we have to do more for our California Veterans.  The federal benefits can be great for our disabled veterans but only if we support them in their struggle with the Veterans Administration to get the right rating for their disability.  We can do better.  I would very much like a task force established to help veterans that need our assistance to get the disability benefits they deserve.  
Many of the benefits to our disabled California Veterans are unknown to many of our veterans.  Did you know that if you are at least 10% disabled, your children can get free tuition at our California State colleges?  Do you know the process to do this?  This caucus should be helping those veterans achieve those goals.
Our California legislature is constantly looking at bills to help our veterans.  Are you aware of the most recent legislative changes that have been signed into law by our Governor or being proposed by our legislature to make California a better place for Veterans?
There are a significant number of homeless that are veterans.  What can we do to stop that from happening, and when it does happen what can we do to help?
These are but a few of the issues that I would like to bring to the forefront, but I need your help.
As Acting Chair of the Veterans Caucus, I solicit your ideas, your thoughts, and your assistance in making California the most “Veteran friendly” state.  
Please respond to my email at bkimbrew111@yahoo.com. Finally, nothing will be done behind closed doors. I need your input and help.
Remember We Never a Man Women or Child Behind-HOOAH
Democratically yours,
Basil Kimbrew
Acting Chair
California Democratic Party
Veterans Caucus
Chef Basil is a former Homeless Army Veteran and is known for Broken Soldiers non-profit organization and a partner of Management Business Services that has 8 E-media publications (reaches out to 54 M) and services include Business Marketing, Political Strategies, Campaign Advisor, Entrepreneur Consulting. 
He has received Bachelor Degree in Law Enforcement and, graduate from Le Cardon Bleu, Pasadena.
Basil is involved and member of the following:  He is the Veterans Chair of the African American Caucus, Calif. Dem. Party; American Culinary Federation, High Desert NAACP, Black Chamber of Commerce, and Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce,   
Chef Basil has volunteered in many events cooking for Veterans, communities, and the homeless. He is also the Executive Chef for Events for Ladies Taking Key Opportunities (TKO) a non-profit organization (volunteer as well)
* The Family Support Program had a Kaboom project with the collaboration of Victor Valley Rescue Mission and the Lord’s Table – he volunteered to cook for all the volunteers and homeless that helped (2019)
* Water Challenge with Ladies TKO – distribute water during the summer to the homeless (2 016 to present)
* He cooked at the Homeless Shelter (2018)
* Thanksgiving Dinner -assisted with the Victor Valley Rescue Mission in the kitchen. (2018)
* Thanksgiving Dinner collaboration with Ladies Taking Key Opportunities meals for Veterans and families (2016 – to present)
* After Houston Hurricane Harvey, in collaboration with Chef Robert Phillips, Western Region American Culinary Federation and Lizet Angulo, Ladies TKO – food was delivered to Houston where ACF Chef’s cooked for communities.  (3M were feed). ACF Veteran drove the Semi truck to Houston. (2017) 
* Annually, the Veterans Gala Awards which honor Veterans, community residents that assist veterans, Gold Star Recipients, and homeless veterans (veterans bring them – cleaned up and know one in the audience knows who they are). No charge, free admission, free reception and free entertainment.
* Project Warm collaboration with Ladies Taking Key Opportunities distribute blankets to the homeless (2016 to present)
* Turkey Give Away with collaboration of Ladies Taking Key Opportunities distribute to families, battered shelters, college, community outreach program and other nonprofit organizations
* Thanksgiving Dinner with collaboration of Ladies Taking Key Opportunities 
* Cooked for entire town Earthquake victims July 2019 – Trona (Nov. 2019) Population 1,500 (Had food prepared for Thanksgiving Day also for Elks Lodge)
Community Outreach Program in Upland (Nov 2019) Chef Basil’s Army quote “We will never leave a man, woman or child behind


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