Reprinted article from THE HUB Magazine Fall 2011 (page 11) about Deborah Scott presented with the EWOC-Exceptional Woman of Color Excellence Award. The passing of Deborah Scott was on Monday, October 17, 2016.

THE HUB: 3 words that describe you:
Deborah: Giving, understanding and motivating

THE HUB: Your hero:
Deborah: Me, due to my pushing and motivating others. But this is the ultimate for me to keep going and not break down.

THE HUB: Favorite book:
Deborah: Don’t have a book, but my favorite magazine is ESSENCE.

THE HUB: Best achievement:
Deborah: Making it through cancer treatment and staying positive. This is my biggest challenge in life to stay positive and make it through 100 percent.

THE HUB: Slogan you live by:
Deborah: If you rest, you will rust; it’s my workout strategy to get moving.

THE HUB: Tell us about your journey to wellness. How did you find out you had cancer? What was your first thought? How have you gotten through this huge challenge?
Deborah: On December 2010, I had a mammogram and was told to come back two days later. They wanted to do a biopsy and ultrasound. When they concluded that, they said they wanted to start procedures. I had a lumpectomy and it showed that I had invasive, aggressive ductal carcinoma in situ. It was spreading through my lymph nodes–out of 20 you shouldn’t have 9 positive–and it was spreading fast. One month later I had chemo every two weeks for eight treatments. Next Wednesday, I start Herceptin treatment. I will have to have 17 treatments and they will not end until this time next year. I am putting my trust in God. Family and friends support has been unbelievable.

THE HUB: Were you born and raised in California?
Deborah: I was born in Illinois and moved here at 19 years old.

THE HUB: Tell us more about your family.
Deborah: My daughter Asia is 15 and my fiancé is Clayton.

THE HUB: What would you change about Sacramento?
Deborah: Sacramento needs to add direction and activities for our youth. I have a 15-year old and there is not much out there for her.

THE HUB: Tell us what you like or don’t like about your job.
Deborah: There is nothing I don’t like about it; I have been teaching for over 12 years. I really like feeling good and helping others get into that mindset It is all about the approach.

THE HUB: Define what an “Exceptional Woman of Color” is to you.
Deborah: A very understanding and strong nurturing mother.

THE HUB:  What do you like about & THE HUB Magazine?
Deborah: “I enjoy THE HUB articles on local people, there are lots of things going on that you don’t know about like the Exceptional Women of Color luncheon and businessmen ads; what’s coming up in events; it keeps me informed.”

Deborah’s story is a strong testimony to faith and positive thinking. She has been a blessing to others who may either be experiencing all the challenges of cancer or who know someone close to them who is going through this same situation.

Below are just some of the numerous comments from those person’s lives she touched dearly that included: friends, family, and former coworkers that have been posted to the Facebook page of Deborah Scott.

I captured this photo of an amazing survivor, I got the news today that God called her home her spirit and image was and will remain beautiful. My heart and sympathy goes out to her daughter, family and friends. It’s so very hard when I work with these survivor’s and hear their stories and I get to know them on a personal level and form bonds whether it was her smiling and walking with us at the Cancer walks with C.L.A.S.S.Y and her motivating us with fitness, I’m deeply saddened and May she rest with The King forever Fit, Beautiful and strong. RIP Deborah Scott. – April A-Love Taylor -10.17.18

Whew…the past 5 days have been filled with emotions from extremely high and transformative to utter shock. I didn’t want to believe it when I heard the news that this beautiful soul had passed her torch. Deborah Scott was a model in the Carrie’s TOUCH 2015 “Breast Cancer Exposed” calendar project. We had lots of fun in her Harlem Renaissance shoot. Debbie was such a bright light. Always smiling. Always sexy. Always full of life. She was determined to not allow cancer to dictate her future. And she didn’t because she lived life to the fullest…every single day. Thank you for being a blessing to so many. Debbie, you will be missed, but your light will forever shine brightly in our hearts. Our prayers are with your family. – Tam Denyse 10.17.18

Team Fears and the Got Muscle Health Club Family (aka Fierce Fitness) are truly saddened. Today we received news that one of our original ladies passed away Ms. Deborah Scott…Deborah started her journey into aerobics with Team Fears and the Fierce Fitness Family on Sutterville Road…WOW this news is seriously heartbreaking…I remember when Carl and I got engaged, she was one of the few people I invited to celebrate with us. WE send our prayers and deepest condolences to her family…May she RIP.  Team Fears  – Carl & Elizabeth Aisha Fears – 10.17.18

Truly a beautiful person that was an inspiration to so many people. Deborah Scott, just last week we hugged and talked! My condolences to your lovely daughter and family! You will be missed… — with Wild Chef and Claudia Ponce.  – Teresa E. Gonzalez – 10.17.18

My heart is crying…she was a true inspiration. Words can describe the women she was. She was more than a friend. Am going to miss our talk RIP Deborah Scott. – Maria Tzintzun – 10.17/18

Dear Deb, I met you 8 years ago and jokingly told you about a man I was dating and you proclaimed to me he would be my husband. Here we are married with 2 kids. You were vivacious and full of life and so much love. My heart is breaking for your daughter and family you leave behind but I know your spirit is with the Lord now. Rest in peace sweet Deb. – Jenna Valencia – 10.17.18

My heart is heavy with sadness. I just learned that my good friend/Campbell’s family Deborah Scott passed away. We go back close to 30 yrs of working together. She was funny, smiling all the time, great attitude, hard worker, and all that you could want in a beautiful woman. She will truly be missed. – Dennis Miller – 10.17.18

Today is a sad day At Sac Fitness…. My Good Friend Deborah Scott passed away this morning, she taught classes for me for over ten years and I’m really going to miss her….may God be with her Family. – Tracy Weldon – 10.17.18

My God I am going through my timeline and I’m seeing all the rips for Deborah Scott and I’m praying that it’s not true but I’m seeing so many that I know it is I remember putting our cancer wellness show on with Deborah and she was such an amazing spirit she went above and beyond and I just remember her laughing at my little guy when he handed her the flowers and he just wanted to give her a kiss when they say someone got their wings Deb I know is truly an angel every time I saw her we had the best conversations she will truly be missed. – Stephanie Hunter-Ray – 10.17.18

Just received some horrible news… This is when living out of the area sucks! Damn!!! Deborah Scott was one of the greatest, most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered. My heart hurts hearing of her passing. Damn!! – Tisha Mann -10.17.18

I am so sorry to hear that Deborah is gone. She was a beautiful LADY all around. She was great to work with at Campbell’s and always a Happy Lady bringing Joy to Everyone around her. My prayer’s and condolences go out to her family for great strength and comfort. RIP BEAUTIFUL LADY.  – Jack Werner 10.17.18

Ain’t no woman alive that could take my mama’s place #2Pac I admire how strong of a person u are!! Me and your grand daughter love u! – Asia Johnson – 10.18.18


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