Photo Courtesy Cedar Point
Photo Courtesy Cedar Point

For people who grew up in the Midwest, Cedar Point basically ruined all other amusement parks for them for life. Imagine going to an amusement park every summer since you were a kid, where the primary focus of the park was to thrust as many full-throttle thrill rides in front of your face as possible, and then, as an adult, going to, say, the Magic Kingdom, where Space Mountain is as scary as it gets (unless you consider the creepy dated animatronics scary, which they absolutely are). 

This coaster-centric amusement park is located along the shore of Lake Erie on a peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio, about an hour west of Cleveland. And even though this place is DEFINITELY a magnet for coaster-maniacs, non-coaster-heads will find plenty to enjoy, too. There are more than 70 rides throughout the park, some gentler/less spinny than others; as well as three large themed areas just for kids; the newly-revamped and newly-experiential Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island (formerly Frontier Town); and loads of surprisingly decent family-friendly live entertainment. The park is also located on a mile-long beach, and if you stay at the Hotel Breakers (one of the park’s five on-site properties), you’ll have easy access to the park, the beach, AND the adjoining waterpark. Oh, did we not mention that? Yeah, there is a huge waterpark at Cedar Point, too. 

The season might be drawing to a close soon, but October might be the best time to visit this oasis of amusement (more on that below!). And while planning a trip to Cedar Point is not nearly as daunting as planning one to Disney World, it’s always helpful to have a few pro tips, especially if you’re a newbie. Behold: how to have an epic weekend (or day of playing hooky from work) in Cedar Point. 

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