When to book, fly: Expedia’s booking tips can help make your trip more carefree

A new survey by Expedia shows what you probably already know: Americans find air travel stressful. 

According to data released Wednesday, travel is a top stressor for 55% of respondents, with some saying the thought of booking a flight and going to the airport makes them more anxious than filing their taxes or even going to the dentist.

“People, according to the research, are really stressed about the possibility of their flights being canceled and experience those disruptions,” Christie Hudson, head of Expedia public relations in the U.S., told USA TODAY. “There’s some stress that’s happening even just from the planning process,” especially around getting the best possible deal on tickets.

With that in mind, she highlighted some of the survey’s findings and offered some of her top tips for reducing stress and getting the best deal when you travel.


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