COMING TO THE END OF A 5-YEAR RADIO SHOW ERA, written by Pleshette Robertson, Chief Editor

Well I’m so sad to report that the Lee and Andrea Morning Show has ended. This was the very last of the URBAN Radio Talk Shows in Sacramento and I’m so incredibly UPSET by NEW AGE RADIO as it totally does not any longer cater to the soul music needs of African Americans. Please pick up the phone and dial (916) 929-5325. That’s the switchboard for Clear Communciations. Ask for the program manager Jeff McMurray. Let him know that we want Lee and Andrea back on the morning show. In the photo with Lee and Andrea is Doni Alias who was the Programming Manager (who no longers works for V101.1) and we loved Doni as well.  Visit the Facebook pages of Andrea Weathers Gomez, Lee Perkins, and Doni Alias. I am happy to report that Tommie Goss is still on the air with the Gospel Express Show on Sunday mornings from 7 am to 10 pm on V101.1.

WHAT HAS EXACTLY HAPPENED TO RADIO IN SACRAMENTO. If I turn on the radio now, I get so distracted with very ANNOYING mickey mouse wanna-be singers and be-bop music that is played over and over again on every channel….it is so ridiculous.  What happened to good old soul music like SUV, Tank, Mary J, Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, and more the of the R&B 90s music. I refuse to buy and listen to the radio at home now.  When driving in Sacramento, I am now resorting to listening to CD’s, Christian radio, as well news talk radio (KDEE 97.7 FM, 1240 AM, KFIA 710 AM). And, when I’m at work, or on my laptop, I’m listening to AOL radio or the Nine to Noon Show. And, when I’m at home, I’m listening to the soul music channels on AT&T U-verse. Now if I’m driving down to the Bay Area, I’m gigging to the tunes of KMEL 106.1 FM or KBLX 102.9).

Will radio in Sacramento ever become ALIVE with entertaining talk shows, charismatic hosts, and good soul music?


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