Oldways is cooking up something totally new — cooking classes designed for African-American communities that showcase the rich and healthy roots of African culture and traditional cuisine.

The traditional diet experts at Oldways, Boston-based nonprofit, have launched a national cooking and wellness program, “A Taste of African Heritage,” to help communities and individuals reconnect with the vibrant ways of eating and living that supported the health and well-being of African-American ancestors.

This nutritional, cultural cooking program follows a successful pilot in 15 locations last year to debut in 50 locations throughout the country in 2013, with 100 class sites planned for 2014.

Made possible through a grant by the Walmart Foundation, the centerpiece of the “A Taste of African Heritage” program is the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, introduced by Oldways in November 2011. This healthy eating model celebrates the traditional eating patterns of early African-American ancestors—from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the American South.

The “A Taste of African Heritage” program is designed as a cooking and wellness series of six classes, offered weekly or bi-weekly at community centers, churches, and healthcare venues. Classes are free and typically last one hour and 45 minutes. Instructors, who are health professionals and educators, teach from an innovative curriculum created by Oldways.

To get more information on participating as an instructor or student in A Taste of African Heritage Cooking Classes, please contact Sarah McMackin, Oldways program manager, 512-330-0111, sarahm@oldwayspt.org, or click here.

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