By LaKenya McClough, MPH

Re-defining beautiful as that which contributes to health and longevity. “Once African-American women place value on their bodies and longevity, everything else will follow.” (Nicole-Ari Parker, actress) Black women use their star power and creativity to address some of the major barriers that prevent black women from adopting healthier habits and lifestyles.

Ladies, whether we’re a bit on the thick side and want to trim down; voluptuously heavy and want to eat healthier; or just plain wanting to loose some inches or pounds, by working out, some of our famous sisters are finding ways to help us out.

Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes disproportionately common among African-American women. Hence, becoming healthier is no longer an option. The time has come to address the social pressures and norms that have traditionally kept us from working to achieve healthier lives.

Today, African American women are finding ways to combat some of the barriers that keep them from exercising and eating healthier, by putting their personal health first and re-defining what it means to be beautiful and healthy as an African American woman.

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