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The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 3, and whether you’re a San Francisco 49ers fan or a * cough * Baltimore Ravens fan * cough* it’s time to gather around the TV and root on your team!

In case you’re completely out of the loop, visit to get the full lowdown on both teams and what the Super Bowl is all about.

Need a place to watch the game? We’ve got you covered with a full list of places you can view the game in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Don’t forget, Beyonce will be performing this year’s half-time show! E! Online covers the full story, with a teaser video of what she has in store for fans on Sunday.

And if football really isn’t your thing, there’s always the commercials! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the ads coming up that day on

Super Bowl XLVII will kickoff this Sunday, February 3, in New Orleans, and will broadcast live starting at 3:30pm PST on CBS.


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