BRING BACK OUR GIRLS: SACRAMENTO, CA – Wednesday, May 28 at 12:00pm@ California State Capitol, Sacramento, California 95814

We have come together in solidarity with our Nigerian Sisters to support the #bringbackourgirls movement and the ongoing charge of saving our girls from countless threats (violence, low self-esteem, depression, all forms of abuse, sexual violence/trafficking, etc.) in the United States and abroad.

Women and girls are constantly being attacked all over the world and this is a pivotal moment for us to connect to the African Diaspora and gain a larger understanding of the intersectionality of our issues. We strongly believe in the leadership of our girls and the opportunity to develop their leadership and this travesty happening anywhere in the world is unacceptable.

We are standing with the women of the world willing to fight for the long haul and make a statement & commitment to women and girls worldwide. We ask that you join us for a rally on the California State Capitol, South Steps with speakers, poetry, and a call to continuous action!! This event is for EVERYONE!!!!!!!

This event is sponsored by the The Sacramento Sister Circle, a network of Black Women in the greater Sacramento area who meets every third Sunday of the month creating an open and safe space for Black Women to come together and discuss pressing issues in their lives, families, and communities; build solidarity; and collective leadership to make extraordinary change together.

For More Information Contact: Christi H. Ketchum at

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