Sacramento Pole Fitness specializes in more than pole dancing, there’s also pole fitness, pole parties, pole sales and rentals.  I know what you’re thinking but this is not about stripping, it’s about burning calories, increasing upper body strength and muscle tone, increased your core, improving coordination and flexibility.  Would you like more endurance, stamina, confidence and mobility?  Owner Beverly Tukes wants to help you recover from an injury, bring out your inner diva and bring your sexy back to unleash your inner sensuality.  Are you game?

THE HUB: Beverly how did you get started in your business?  How did you choose pole dancing or did it choose you?  It’s so taboo.
TUKES: I always wanted to do the pole, I was gonna do it but it wasn’t time for me to have it.  I was at a friend’s party and they had a pole for dancing, I was too conservative to dance on it, but I did ask her where she got it, she said online.  It was my journey online that led me to discover the world of fitness on the pole o was already working out. I thought women need to know about this.  After my first pole came I ordered a second one, my garage was already set up like a gym/studio.  My passion is working out, I love it so having a pole, mirrors, and music in my house was so powerful I had to share it with other women, so my home-based business was started in 2008.

THE HUB: Where were you raised, where did you attend school?  Are you from this area?
TUKES: I was born in New Orleans, raised in San Francisco and moved to Sacramento in 1995.

THE HUB: If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?
TUKES: I probably would be doing something focusing on fitness.

THE HUB: Give me a 3 word description of yourself
TUKES: Soft-spoken, honest, drama (according to my kids).

THE HUB: Since we’re on the subject, tell me about your family.
TUKES: I have two daughters, Precious and Treasure and 2 grandsons, Sir is 4 years old and King is 2 ½ years old.

THE HUB: What inspires you?
TUKES: Music, I love dancing, so the fact you can do dancing and the pole too is perfect for me.  At this point in my life I want to express myself.  I don’t really care; when you’re 50 you want to do what you want to do.  I also love to eat, when I traveled for work I had to find all the soul food restaurants.  Now when I travel I have to find all the pole fitness studios.

THE HUB: What’s your best attribute or what do you feel is your strong point?
TUKES: Being able to give back, I love being able to give, it makes it balanced for me.

THE HUB: Where do you see yourself and your business 5 years from now?
TUKES: I see myself in 5 years passing this on or having it available for younger girls who want to compete.  I want Sacramento Pole Fitness to be recognized for fitness.  There’s a whole world out there that is strictly pole fitness, that’s the arena I’m more in line with to help grow.  I want some stars to come out of Sacramento Pole Fitness.  I am certified in pole fitness, there’s certifications needed for this.  What’s important to me is to have this available to other people so they can find what they need.  In 5 years I am going to be retired from the State and traveling to Europe, the Bahamas, etc. going out doing things, having fun.

THE HUB: What are your challenges as a small business owner in this current economy?
TUKES: You don’t have as many people coming out, people don’t have discretionary funds like they used to.  Another challenge is getting people with the passion I have to work for me.

THE HUB: What’s your biggest vice or what’s your guilty pleasure?
TUKES: I like buying all the high heeled shoes and props associated with my business.  I can use my business as an excuse to tap into that side of me.

THE HUB: Finish this sentence: My friends laugh at me because I’m bad at…
TUKES: The pole at 50 and they know I am not playing with it.  I am always challenging them to do something, they’re always telling me to do something for their friends, like go to the top of the pole, come down and do the splits.  Women don’t limit yourself this is an opportunity for women to justify and go beyond that point in their lives.  Don’t stop yourself no matter how conservative you think you are.  Even kids like the pole, my grandson is 4 and he climbs all of the poles and they’re 13 feet tall.  I get tickled because people at my job and doctors don’t see me near a pole let alone on one.  I’ll do what I need to do to make me a little more flexible, I’m going to move and do things that will keep me vibrant.

THE HUB: What do you like about The Hub?
TUKES: I like the fact they’re well connected with the community and that they are everywhere, in everything that’s going on they know about it.

Give it a try, take the class, I did.  I had fun, felt like a kid doing what all kids want to do, slide down the firemen’s pole.  I was able to get my sexy back.  It feels like you’re being bad. Have some sexy fun.  Leave your inhibitions and fear of falling at and feeling silly at the door and just go for it!

CONTACT: Owner, Beverly Tukes
Sacramento Pole Fitness
2100 Del Paso Blvd. Suite B
Sacramento, CA  95815
(916) 380-1113

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Written and submitted by Senior Staff Writer, Donna Michele Ramos


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