Anita R. Johnson is a woman who believes as a black woman we should have and use all the opportunities as white women when it comes to financial security. Financial security includes not only earning a comfortable wage, but acquiring and using wealth building skills. Wealth building includes purchasing a home, investing in stock, and building a business of our dreams.

Sad, but true financial growth in the black middle class does not equate to wealth. Wealth building is centered on assets holdings, homeownership, private pension plans and stock market investments. Unfortunately, for black middle class it is based on income rather than assets (A car is not an asset; I don’t care how much you paid for it). For some black middle class the only difference between them and the poor is a pay check. Getting beyond the one paycheck from poverty isn’t easy but it can be done. Here are some the ways I will write about in the articles in the
coming weeks.

•    Get Real Financial Education
•    Make a Date With Your Finances
•    Create a Obtainable Spending Plan
•    Celebrate

It is my goal each article I write is to give the reader the cold hard facts about wealth and poverty, but to give you the reader sound and general advice that can be implemented. (You must confirm any financial decisions with your tax, and financial planner).

Anita Renee’ Johnson, is a Wealth Management Coach, with Anita R. Johnson & Associates.  If you have any questions or need help with financial planning in your personal or business goals, contact Anita.

916-452-4270  |  916-440-1233 (fax)


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