Kali Cuffee and family
Kali Cuffee and family

Kali Cuffee and familySee what teachers and artists are saying about the Any Given Child Arts Education Programs in two school districts–Sacramento Unified School District and Twin Rivers Unified School District where over 37,000 students (K-8) participated in the academic year 2010-11.

  • “The students learned that art is another way to ask and answer questions…plus it’s fun!”, Artist
  • “The students felt empowered because they were able to create something they had not imagined they could.  I know they were proud of what they created and that the process wsas fun and captivating.” Artist

  • “I have 16 boys in my class and they LOVED learning ballet.” Teacher

  • “Some of my students who are less vocal found their “voice” in a new way.  This was very exciting for our whole class community.”  Teacher

  • “My students gained confidence and took risks to work beyond their comfort zone in dance.” Teacher

For questions and more info on how you or your children can get involved or participate in this academic year 2011-12, call Deborah Edward at (916) 808-8848. 

In March 2011, Mayor Johnson held a press conference celebrating the Any Given Child programs where he led a rousing “Arts Rock” cheer from Kohler students and talked about the value of partnerships in advancing kids’ learning. Arts education is essential in helping students expand their creativity and innovation talents – those skills that are critical to 21st century success. >>read more

Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child
Arts teach. Arts inspire. Arts matter.

Vision: That every given child has access to quality arts education.

Mission: Mobilize community resources to expand arts education within participating

K-8 schools in Sacramento to strengthen student skills of creativity and innovation and heighten
the appeciation of the role, virtue, and experience of arts education for students.


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