Photo: Courtesy Of Joe Illidge
Photo: Courtesy Of Joe Illidge

Joe Illidge looks at his career in the comic book industry and feels he’s come full circle.

Illidge began his career in comics as an intern with Milestone Media in 1993, working with classic black comic book characters such as Icon, Rocket and Hardware. He learned under the leadership of the Milestone co-founder, the late Dwayne McDuffie, as they embarked on a publishing journey meant to give black superheroes their place in comics with roles that were more than sidekicks and stereotypes. He edited Batman at DC Comics from 1998 to 2000, and has been a columnist on diversity in comics for Comic Book Resources.

Today, Illidge is a senior editor at the Lion Forge imprint Catalyst Prime, a job he got in June 2016 to oversee a new superhero/sci-fi comic book universe featuring diverse characters – and, just as important to Illidge, diverse creators – with stories taking place all over the world.

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