If you have been paying attention to our current political climate, you may have noticed how women’s rights have been under attack. There have been over 1110 Measures introduced by states like Virginia, Ohio & Idaho (to name a few) that require a woman to have an invasive ultra sound before an abortion. Some states are requiring women to look at the ultra sound along with a 24 to 48 hour waiting period before having the abortion. It became even more intense when radio personality Rush Limbaugh verbally attacked a Georgetown Law Student Sandra Faulk after she testified before Congress. Women’s organizations such as N.O.W. National Organization of Women, have called these actions an attack on women’s rights.

I am not here to debate whether you believe in abortions or birth control; I want to debate whether all women have the same rights. African American, Asia, Hispanics and Caucasians.

When I was girl growing up, my Dad told me I had two strikes, one I was a Woman and the other I was Black. Currently 26.5 % of African American women live in poverty post retirement compared to 11.4% Caucasian Women. This divide does not stop at the earning power, or the wealth gap, for African American women, it includes health care. Thirty-eight percent of African American women use Planned Parenthood for all their health care compared to over 50% of Caucasian women (www.plannedparenthood.com) Thirty-eight percent is much too high for African Americans. Why you ask? The attack by the Republicans, the Republican Candidates for President & organizations deciding to pull their funding for breast cancer screening has become an attack on health care for African American women. In order for African American women to ensure that they get the medical care they need would first taking the steps to get involved in this political process, the other step would be to begin to take responsibility for their economic future. When African American women begin to take responsibility for their economic future, they can begin to purchase better health care, invest in retirement and the day to day needs.

Mission: To educate women with wealth building skills leaving a legacy for their children and not debt.

Anita Renee’ Johnson, is a Wealth Management Coach, with Anita R. Johnson & Associates.  If you have any questions or need help with financial planning in your personal or business goals, contact Anita.

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