Contributed by Chief Editor, Pleshette Robertson
REMINDING you to VOTE! Because YOU can! For the past two weeks I have been inundated with e-mails on how VIP it is for Americans especially African Americans to GET OUT and VOTE in the upcoming elections in my city Sacramento, in California and throughout the country. My timeline on Facebook has been flooded with ads for the many folks running for office and I APPLAUD literally hundreds of Black women running for office – I SALUTE YOU – Meet the 18 Black Women Running for a Seat in Congress). I am so proud to have personally met and know some of these amazing and dynamic Black women who are running for office right here in Sacramento – Cecile Nunley (Candidate for Sacramento City School Board), Tracie Stafford (Candidate for Mayor of Elk Grove), and Cat Brooks (Candidate for Mayor of Oakland). I even had the opportunity to meet Candidate for Governor of Georgia, Ms. Stacey Abrams (WINNER IN THE MAKING). These women along with the Black women currently serving in office as a Councilmember, Mayor, Assemblymember, Senator, Congresswoman are creating history and breaking records with setting the BEST examples to follow for Black women attaining political power. 
DID YOU KNOW that there is a database that has been created that houses nearly 400 Black women running for office – When four Black women went looking for a list of Black women running for office and couldn’t find a comprehensive one, they decided to create one…WOWWWWW! Now that is certainly taking QUICK ACTION as this is such a great resource – once again providing historical VIP data. I received an e-mail from Aubry Stone, President of the California Black Chamber of Commerce and in his article, Why Should African Americans Vote, he states: “At its core, voting is about divvying up resources. Every day our tax dollars go into the government’s pot and then we rely on elected officials to determine where to spend that money. If we don’t vote people into office who have our best interest and initiatives that support our daily livelihood, then we can’t expect our tax dollars to be spent in our best interest. Being complacent and not voting is not an option; unless you simply concede to giving your hard-earned money away to people, programs and ideals that you do not support in everyday brass tacks. When you don’t vote, you inadvertently support those contrary issues with your money.” I COULDN’T AGREE MORE WITH MR. STONE! >>Read more


Please take the time to browse the links below, READ and SHARE with your network of friends and your family members. There is so much to understand and know about the many local and statewide propositions on the voting ballot. It is ESSENTIAL for you to take VOTING ACTION, be aware and be responsible for yourself and those who depend on you! Don’t take your civil rights for granted – You have the FREEDOM TO VOTE so VOTE because YOU can!
If you have not voted already, JUST DO IT and don’t forget (I VOTED EARLY and submitted my ballot by mail for the first time – I usually go to the voting polls but got it done early due to my schedule that gets quite hectic). Tuesday, November 6, 2018, is the General Election in California. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. This email was compiled and prepared by Sac Cultural Hub to assist you with easy steps of locating voter resources and NEED-TO-KNOW info about the General Election in California.  
Thanks for your attention and taking action!


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