A “Report-Back Session” featuring local activists will be held in Sacramento on September 29 will commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington.

Presented by The Talking Drums News, the event will feature local activists telling their stories. Activists are scheduled to include Marion Wodds, community activist and former director of SAEOC/SETA and former director of California Department of Social Services; Nailah Pope-Harden, member of Avondale Glen Elders Neighborhood Association (AGENA) and Capital Region Organizing Project (CROP); Kevin Carter, urban outreach social justice activist; and James Shelby, CEO and president of Greater Sacramento Urban League.

The event will take place Sunday, September 29, from 2-5pm at Stockton Boulevard Partnership, 5625 Stockton Blvd., (in the Fruitridge Shopping Center) in Sacramento.

Please RSVP by September 25, 2013, to Faye at fayek@springmail.com or 916-484-5025.


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