In life we live in the moment, remembering our past, and how we prepare for the future which later becomes the bane of our existence. So who we come into contact with daily and how we react or address conflict has a significant impact on our influence in the community. What we do in the dark always seems to come to light and what seems to be clear as day in plain sight is not always as easy to see and is almost always misinterpreted  mistakenly. The year of 2014 presented many social injustices for the African American communities across the nation. THE HUB felt the need to document certain voices expressing their concerns regarding what needs to be done to improve the safety and success for African Americans in the future. Today’s universe provides a multitude of opportunities in which we are privileged to take part mainly because of our ancestors and their numerous accomplishments. Freedom fighters like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X longed for the many liberties we now have today; the marches, protests, and active involvement in politics and government were not in vain. More so, now than ever, we need to prepare the younger generation to fight for their education. We must train them to take the place of our retiring leaders in government, teaching, and legislation. Thank you to all the Contributing Writers on this special Op-Ed article, African American Civil and Political Rights (see pages 10-13).
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