This year, two-thirds of state legislatures have introduced laws that undermine the right to vote. Early voting and Sunday voting are under attack, photo ID requirements will introduce the first financial and document barrier to voting since the poll tax, and racially-motivated bans on ex-felons will wipe tens of thousands off the rolls.

This effort is unprecedented, it is coordinated, and it is targeted. African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, students, working women, seniors and immigrants of all colors will be disproportionately affected.

The right to vote is the heart of our democracy. Throughout our history Americans have been murdered for defending this basic human right. We will not let it be taken away from millions today.

Join us on Saturday, December 10th—The United Nations’ Human Rights Day—to proclaim to America and the world:

It’s time to Stand for Freedom. We must protect our right to vote.

11 am: March from the NYC office of the Koch brothers, major funders of anti-voting rights measures, at 61st St. & Madison Ave, NYC.

12 noon: Rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, United Nations East 47th Street & 2nd Avenue, NYC



Letter from NAACP President and CEO, Benjamin Todd Zealous

Imagine if everyone in Manhattan, Detroit and Chicago suddenly lost their ability to vote.

That’s the number of people — 5 million and counting — affected by passed and pending changes to voting laws in states around the country. When all is said and done, millions more could be disenfranchised.

The people passing these laws lie. They say that it’s about voter fraud. What it’s really about is systematically suppressing voters of color, students and the elderly.

While the NAACP is nonpartisan, the people pushing these laws are not. They know that the number of people, five million, whose votes would be suppressed by these laws is three times greater than the combined margin of victory in Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia during the 2008 presidential election.

Let’s call these new voter requirement laws out for what they are: Extreme attempts by the far right-wing to legislate voter suppression.

We can fight back. Knowledge is power. Will you take these quick and easy steps to learn the facts about these new voter requirements?

  • Take our mobile text quiz. Text the word TRUTH to 62227 on your mobile phone to take a simple quiz: Learn the truth about who is affected by voter ID laws.
  • Like Stand for Freedom on Facebook: Join the discussion on new voter ID laws across the country, and learn how you can get involved in our efforts to ensure everyone has the right to vote.
  • Follow @NAACP on Twitter: Get breaking news about voter ID laws and requirements. Tweet your thoughts using #StandForFreedom.


If we are going to push back against these new laws, we need to separate the truths from the myths — and the facts do not lie:

  • You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do of being impersonated at the polls.
  • 11% of eligible voters would not have the proper, up-to-date, state-issued ID required to vote.
  • African American, Latino, young, elderly and disabled voters are far more likely to lack the required identification to vote.

Your support in the coming months is more important than ever. Take these quick and easy steps to start fighting back today.



Benjamin Todd Jealous
President and CEO


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